I want to tell you about the day I woke up without back pain...

...for the first time since my twin sons were born.

Until I was free of the pain I didn't realize how bad it had become. Here’s the BEST PART: I know exactly WHY it happened, HOW I solved it, and I am able to repeat the RESULTS!


You just have to live with the back pain, stiffness, fatigue, muscle soreness, aches and pains that we all experience as we age & go through life.


Stiffness, Aches, Back and Joint Pain are symptoms of Chronic Tension, not of "aging" or "life."

Chronic Tension caused by Sensory Motor Amnesia(SMA) is a REVERSIBLE condition that cannot be cured by "treatment," drugs or surgery but can be addressed with a neuro-muscular relearning process. That's what's inside THIS COURSE.


It takes years and years of hard work, "no pain, no gain" training and expensive lessons to develop a “good” seat, a long leg, and a proper riding position.


Most equestrians are working much harder than they need to.

Yes, we all need coaching and practice, but it's unconscious patterns of muscle tension that distort your posture and create bad habits. SMA is blocking you from communicating clearly and getting in the way of your supple, comfortable and correct riding position!

Does this sound like you..?

  • Are you tired of feeling sore or ignoring your aches or back pain when you ride?​

  • ​Are you tired of your instructor telling you the same things over and OVER about your position?​

  • ​Are you exhausted from trying to do it all - horse, family, career...AND trying to make time for yoga or pilates so you are "fit enough" to be a good and kind rider for your horse?​

  • Are you frustrated because you are STILL WAITING to get the results you are chasing from all your hard work and investment?​

  • Do you worry that your stiffness and tension are hurting your horses back or mouth?​

  • Do you dream of being so fluid and supple you can easily follow every movement of your horse, even sitting the trot?​

  • Wish that you could feel the ease, freedom and joy you recall from riding as a kid?

Well what if...

  • What if there was a proven way to get supple and get rid of tension?

  • What if it was appropriate for all riders, no matter discipline or fitness level?

  • What if you could say 'Goodbye' to stiffness and back pain, FOR GOOD?

There is a SOLUTION that has helped thousands of people all over the world to get out of pain and to thrive in sport and life... It's called Hanna Somatics.

You will LEARN:

  • WHY we all suffer from SMA (aka Chronic Tension) as a natural adaptive response to life experiences.

  • WHAT Somatic Movement is, and the science behind it's effectiveness in reversing SMA.

  • HOW to do Somatic Movement to cause tight muscles to "reset" back to neutral.

  • HOW to "reset" ALL of your major muscle groups in 8 progressive Mat Classes

  • HOW to "lock-in" your releases for Long-Lasting Results and Real Change.

  • HOW to do SELF-CARE for LIFE with a short daily Somatics Practice!

Feel Better. Ride Better. Be Better.

Unleash your inner athlete to become your Best Self. Do it for your Horse.

What's Inside

  • 8 Weekly Somatic Movement Lessons

    Hanna Somatics is a personal exploration of what it feels like to be YOU. Weekly Transformational Instruction devoted to increasing awareness, flexibility and range of motion throughout your body.

  • 8 Mindfulness & Well-Being Exercises

    Embody your learning and lock-in the changes you are creating during each movement class with these inspirational lessons on Body Awareness, Proprioception and Natural Movement.

  • Community

    Accountability is powerful. Hanna Somatics provides us real tools for accessing our potential...BUT it only works if you DO THE WORK. The keys are already inside you - and we will cheer each other on in our private Facebook group.

  • 6 Months of Access & Support!

    Transformation requires changing your routine - this course is about helping you to get out of pain, yes, but ALSO to support you in creating a regular SELF-CARE PRACTICE. So I'm offering you 6 months of ongoing support in addition to the course content with monthly LIVE Mat Classes, customized to your needs, in our Facebook Group.

What students are saying:

Truly Amazing!

by Aimee Brimhall McCord, Inspirational Horse - TN, USA

"The sessions with Alissa were truly amazing! After working with her personally for human awareness, I now see how important both the horse AND human sides are! Do it ALL! You won’t regret it!"

I ride EVERY DAY! Thank you!

by Susan King, horse owner - FL, USA

"Dear Alissa, I do the exercises that you taught me every morning. I know it has kept me limber and in shape. I'll be 73 soon, doing well and I RIDE EVERY DAY. Thank you!"

Dramatic Results!

by Christi Rains, Parelli 4-Star Senior Instructor - TX, USA

"I love Hanna Somatics because of the dramatic results with horses and humans. What a miracle - a simple, drug-free method to relieve aches and pains and improve quality of life!"

The difference was SO noticeable...

by Sherry Bernard, horse owner - OR, USABefo

"Before doing the Neck & Shoulders Lesson, I was so stiff I had to turn my whole body to check for traffic while driving. Now, I can turn my head around easily! The difference was so noticeable it surprised me!"

Meet your Instructor

Program Director, A Somatic Approach to Horsemanship

Alissa Mayer

Alissa Mayer BA EHSE-C is an author, trainer, clinician and Hanna Somatics Educator for Horses and Riders. Her unique approach to horses is based on building a foundation of connection, somatic integration and inter-species understanding to create the kind of well-being and true partnerships that most equestrians dream of. Mayer has been the mind-body instructor, interspecies-relationship advisor and Somatic Educator to dressage trainers, Olympians, dancers, fitness instructors, business owners, grandmothers, horsemanship gurus, recreational horse riders and thousands more people wanting to be more supple and pain free. She has taught clinics, workshops and professional training programs all over the US, Canada, and 7 EU countries. Alissa lives in rural Oregon where she is raising her identical twin sons on the family farm shared with her parents and 4 horses.

The KEYS are inside you.

Awaken your inner athlete. Get closer to your Best Self, and your best RIDE!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Week 1: Suppling the Muscles of your Back

  • 3

    Week 2: Suppling the Muscles of your Stomach

    • PTP Lesson 2: Controlling Your Stomach Flexors

    • Week 2 Wellbeing: Appreciation Meditation

  • 4

    Week 3: Suppling the Muscles of your Waist

    • PTP Lesson 3: Controlling Your Waist Muscles

    • Post Lesson Q&A

    • Wellbeing: Luxurious Seated Lateral Work

  • 5

    Week 4: Learning to Control Trunk Rotation

    • PTP Lesson 4: Controlling the Muscles of your Trunk & Rotation

    • Post-Lesson 4 Discussion: Carrying the weight of your body

    • Wellbeing: Breathe in the Idea...

  • 6

    Week 5: Lengthening the Muscles of your Hips & Legs

    • PTP Lesson 5: Controlling Your Leg & Hip Muscles

    • Wellbeing: Run, Dance, Ride!

  • 7

    Week 6: Relaxing the Muscles of your Neck & Shoulders

    • PTP Lesson 6A: Controlling the Muscles of your Neck & Shoulders

    • PTP Lesson 6B: Neck & Shoulders Session (next day)

    • Wellbeing: Unwinding the Shoulders Audio Class (8 minutes)

  • 8

    Week 7: Learning to Control your Breathing

    • PTP Lesson 7: Controlling the Muscles of your Breath

    • We are all One - Post lesson discussion on Feel

  • 9

    Week 8: Improving your Walk

    • Finding your Tripods - The Foundation of your Posture

    • PTP Lesson 8: The "Sexy Walk"

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • eBooklet: Full-Body Daily Maintenance Routine

    • Audio Class: Full-Body Daily Maintenance Routine (42 mins)

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Bonus material

  • Extended Full-Body Maintenance Class (Podcast)

    42-minute Podcast-Style Mat Class. Real-time audio instructions taking you step-by-step through the 8 Somatic Movements introduced in the EBooklet, with additional details, timing, descriptions and options for modifications.

  • eBooklet Somatics for Daily Maintenance

    6-pages of written instructions and photographs of Alissa doing the Eight Somatic Movements she teaches at all of her workshops around the world... This is a great way to get started with Hanna Somatics, as a daily practice or to use as homework between Private Sessions.

  • The Body-Mind Hack (download)

    7 more Video Lessons, yours to keep! Learn 7 additional simple yet powerful movements to reduce tension and improve range of motion, including one hands-on movement you can share with your horse or dog!

If not NOW, when?

ReConnect with yourself. Find what you can let go of, and activate your natural reflexes of Self-Care.


  • Is this course just for equestrians?

    No, it's for everyone! The lessons in this course are designed for every human body - no matter your sport, discipline or lifestyle. This course is especially beneficial for equestrians because we need to use our bodies to communicate with our horses.

  • I don't have back pain, is this course still useful for me?

    YES. First, congrats on not having back pain! 85% of riders complain of stiffness or pain, so you are one of the lucky few. However, you may still have some unconscious muscle tension that is preventing you from performing at your maximum athletic potential and in comfort and ease. This course will teach you to unwind that tension before it becomes pain, and prevent the accumulation of future tension too!

  • I am recovering from an injury/surgery, can I still participate?

    Yes, but when you start depends on your recovery progress. The general recommendation is that you do not begin doing Hanna Somatics until your physician has cleared you to begin physical therapy.

  • What's the format of the Program?

    When you register, you get immediate access to all the course materials, so you can begin your transformation right away. I recommend that you take the full 8 weeks to work your way through the course materials, but they will still be beneficial if you go faster or slower.

  • What equipement do I need to buy?

    None! All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone to access the course, and a comfortable place to lay on the floor to do the mat classes!

  • Is this for English or Western riders?

    Both. This course is for everyone, every discipline, every sport... from riders to dancers, competitive athletes to grandmothers and new mothers too!

  • I already work out, do Yoga and/or Pilates. Do I need Somatics, and how is it any different?

    Somatic Exercises are unlike any other form of exercise. Rather than focusing on the body itself, we are focusing on making changes in the brain and how it controls muscle contractions. Instead of stretching or strengthening the muscles themselves, with Hanna Somatics we are changing the instructions that the muscles are receiving from the central nervous system. No other form of exercise or bodywork does this, which is why Hanna Somatics is so unique, so reliable and so effective!

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes! We have a 14-day 'no questions asked' 100% refund policy. Just email us to request your refund, and tell us why the course isn't working for you, if you feel like sharing.

  • Who is this NOT for?

    If you are happy with your posture and your physical performance, or don't believe there is any way to change your body or get rid of your back pain, then this course is probably not for you - because I can guarantee that you will see and feel results with this program! That's not my personal opinion either, Hanna Somatics works because it is based on proven science, anatomy and natural reflexes. So if you aren't ready to have your mind blown and your limits lifted, don't enroll in this course!